Abacus is for kids in age group 5 - 10 years which is a technique to solve mathematical arithmetic problems using a tool called Abacus, it is based on beads and help children to develop fine motor skills, left and right brain coordination, place value understanding, memory and concentration.
It helps children who have fear of maths and difficulty in doing addition and subtraction.

Program Highlights:

10 minutes of daily abacus practice can bring amazing changes in child – like concentration, motivation and ability to communicate
Brings sense of small success in children

Does abacus conflicts with regular math taught in schools?

  • Ø The child can follow the method the teachers use in school.
  • Ø Once the child learns abacus and school method, he/she can use Abacus method to re-check their answers
  • Ø If the child learns abacus in early stages (UKG, 1st and 2nd Grade), there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work in both systems.
  • Ø In schools, children use fingers to count or draw lines to calculate. This leads to limited performance in arithmetic. Sometimes it is difficult for them to comprehend relationships between numbers beyond 10.
  • Ø The number system is same in school and abacus.
  • Ø In abacus, through beads, the children visualize the numbers and easily learn arithmetic.
  • Ø This helps in overcoming phobias and difficulties faced in learning mathematics in regular school way.
  • Ø Thus, abacus helps in improving the math grade in school also.

Program details:

  • There are subjunior (age 4-5 years) and junior courses (age 6 -10 years)
  • Subjunior course is of 2 levels and junior course is of 5 levels
  • Each level is of 2 months
  • Books and instrument provided with no additional cost
  • Classes are on weekends Sat and Sun 9-10 AM or 10-11 AM
  • Normal classes will be 2 class per week
  • Fast track course also available with 3 classes per week (Mon, Wed, Fri evening time), level will finish in 1.5 months
  • Each level- there will be 16 classes.
  • Exam at the end of each level
  • Certificate awarded at end of each level
  • Charges are INR 2500 per level to be paid at the start of level
  • No additional charge for books and instrument, Rs 100 will be charged for replacement of lost instrument

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  1. That's true! Many kids have phobias and difficulties in learning maths. I would like to add here that Abacus also boosts confidence, power of visualization, and improve memory in kids. Moreover, Abacus is helpful during primary education. If a tutor has the art of teaching then he can help to learn advanced concepts in h1 math tuition. Program details shared by you is very useful for parents of kids at a younger age. Thanks for the course details you have shared.