Abacus is for kids in age group 5 - 10 years which is a technique to solve mathematical arithmetic problems using a tool called Abacus, it is based on beads and help children to develop fine motor skills, left and right brain coordination, place value understanding, memory and concentration.
It helps children who have fear of maths and difficulty in doing addition and subtraction.

Program Highlights:

  • There are subjunior (age 4-5 years) and junior courses (age 6 -10 years)
  • Subjunior course is of 2 levels and junior course is of 5 levels
  • Each level is of 2 months
  • Books and instrument provided with no additional cost
  • Normal classes will be 3 class per week
  • Exam at the end of each level
  • Certificate awarded at end of each level
  • Charges are INR 1000 per month
  • Rs 100 will be charged for replacement of lost instrument